Patron's Message

Patron's Message

For the citizen of a State, judiciary is a source of confidence, credibility and hope. It is the responsibility of the free judiciary to protect human rights and be the guardian of the people. For the establishment of a good judicial system, a well-groomed talented cadre of lawyers with professional competence and social commitment is required. Geoffery R. Stone, the distinguished provost of the University of Chicago once stated about the functioning of the Law Schools as follows: “They can teach students to ‘think like a lawyer’…The practice of law demands a rigorous self-critical, creative and empathic mind set.” Mar Gregorios College of Law Trivandrum, in its establishment had this in view, founded with a definite plan, that is to empower and to expose, would be lawyers to a wide range of legal subjects that will transmit a sense of justice to the common man.

We believe in these axioms ‘Justice delayed is justice denied’. William Godwin says that “Justice is actually the sum of all moral duty” We should aim at building up of a society that believes in ethics and morality, live up to the ideals of compassion and justice, with the inclusiveness of universal brotherhood; detest infringing the rights of others. Thus we need legal experts who will ardently promote justice for all, especially the poor and the marginalized without uncircumscribed boundaries.

Potter Stewart opines that “Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do, and what is right to do”  Mar Gregorios College of Law is a seat of legal learning facility for mentoring seeking aspirants as lawyers with competence to face all the challenges in legal profession with commitment and dedication. What motivated me to start this College is the wish to establish a Law School with a difference. The College aims at moulding young legal experts with solid ethical base and moral uprightness. Ours is a Law College with a difference that offers students a supervised, rigorous disciplined opportunity to learn practical legal skills through trail practice, negotiation course by a team of committed and competent faculty, to empower them  achieve excellence, in ‘their advocacy skills and  exposure to diverse, political, legal,and cultural perspectives’.

Our Law College is located in an eco-friendly environment in the prestigious Mar Ivanios Vidya Nagar that creates a serene ambience for all academic pursuits. The College is dedicated to the venerable memory of His Grace Most Rev. Benedict Mar Gregorios who was a linguist, economist, ecologist and educationist par excellence, a profound humanist who was the paradigm of love and compassion. We always affirm, ‘where law is silent or ambiguous or appears to be in consistent with some other laws of the land’, the judges depend upon their sense of justice, fairness, impartiality, honesty and wisdom for deciding the cases. They are supported to establish the law by Lawyers with brilliance, with a sense of worth, who is guided by ethics and morality. I hope that our institution will be held high in upholding the our judicial system, which is termed as the third pillar of democracy, and only with our will and determination assures the continuance of an egalitarian Governance in a Nation that that has patrimony  immemorial . All those who tread the portals of this aboard of legal learning uphold the beacon light, the motto “Righteousness is immortal”.

May God bless the Director, Principal, Faculty, students, all collaborators and well-wishers of Mar Gregorios College of Law, Trivandrum.



Major Archbishop-Catholicos,

Patron & Manager, Mar Gregorios College of Law.