Centre for Constitutional Studies

Centre for Constitutional Studies

The Constitution of India is the life-line of each and every citizen as well as of the Nation. It is the supreme law of the land. But it is unfortunate that the youth, even the educated youth who are supposed to be the defenders of the Constitution are totally unaware of the fundamental principles, their implications and importance. This centre proposes to undertake a massive programme to create an awareness among students, particularly among those who are studying in tenth and twelfth standards in schools and in the under-graduate courses in colleges about the Constitution of India, with special emphasis on responsible citizenship on which alone the Constitution edifice can be sustained. Only by guiding and sensitizing them to the basic principles of constitutional governance and responsible citizenship can students be equipped to become effective instruments in realising the values and goals of the Constitution and to be vigilant custodians and defenders of the Constitution.

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Rev. Fr. Joseph Venmanath

Ms. Aiswarya A U

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