Internal Examination

Internal Assessment

Twenty marks in each subject are earmarked for internal assessment and shall be distributed as follows:

  1.  Attendance   - 5 marks. ( 2.5 marks for 75% of attendance and additional 0.5 Marks for every 5% attendance above 75%)
  2.  Tests            - 5 Marks
  3.  Assignment  - 5 marks
  4.  Seminar        - 5 marks 

The teacher concerned is the sole authority in awarding internal marks assessing the performance and attendance of the student. The internal marks will be published and finalized after considering the students about their complaints, if any.

Two tests will be conducted for each subject in a semester and the average will be the mark for the test paper. The date of the examination will be notified earlier.

Every student shall write one assignment for each subject on a topic assigned by the teacher concerned. The assignment shall be submitted as per the direction of the teacher.

Every student shall present a paper for each subject in the class on a subject assigned by the teacher.