Faculty of Social Science


Mar Gregorios College of Law offers a unique combination of integrated courses finely balancing law with Commerce, Management Studies, English and Social Sciences. This multi-disciplinary foundation broadens the perspective of law aspirants and enables them to adopt a holistic approach to the process of learning.

Political Science forms a part of the curriculum of BA LLB course structured in three semesters.Political science is an integral part of law. A stable political system can be realized only when laws are effectively implemented. Likewise, legislations can be effectual only when they balance varying political ideologies. Thus, law is not only the constitutive of politics but also the product of politics.

Economics is a part of the curriculum of BA LLB course spaced in three semesters. Economic theory and methods enhance the efficacy of the practice of law. Rational choice, one of the founding principles of economics, is instrumental in explaining and foreseeing how people act under legal constraints. The development aspects of economics bring out the prevailing socio-economic scenario enabling the students to add a human touch to their legal learning. Law and economics forges together the fundamental social constructs into one discipline allowing a multifaceted study of significant societal problems.