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Academic Programme

The Mar Gregorios College of Law, Trivandrum seeks to groom future lawyers who will imbibe, interpret and improve the laws of our land and the wider world outside. They will grow in graceful allegiance to the Constitution of India, acquiring legal acumen and professional ethics, picking up the protocols of international law but above all dedicating themselves to Truth and the Pursuit of Justice


Add on course

1. Life Skills Courses.

2. Certificate Course in Potential Enhancement Training (PET).

3. Certificate Course in Fundamentals of ComputerApplications.

4. Certificate Course in Yoga.

5. Certificate Course in Freshwater Aquarium Maintenanceand Management.

6. Professional Skills Courses.

7. P.G Diploma Course in Teaching in Higher Education(PGCTHE).

8. P. G Diploma Course in Digital Library Management.

9. Language Skills Courses.

10. Diploma Course in Multimodal Communicative English.

11. Diploma Course in Communicative French.

Capabilities And Enhancements


Academic Facilities

Our Academic Facilities office coordinate renewal and renovation of general purpose classrooms and other academic facilities, including working with personnel in the deans' offices; in Facilities Planning; in Facilities Management; and with the Teaching Facilities Committee